Connect material requirements to the rest of your business

Empower employees, departments and locations to work as one.

Increase Scalability

Automate manual tasks by eliminating outdated paper spreadsheets and paper logs.


Order what you need for when you need it - including minimum stock requirements.

Reduce Costs

Save money by planning purchases smarter and more accurately while minimizing waste.


Simplify material planning

Continuously maintain adequate levels of inventory and prevent shortages by adjusting to changing demand requirements with the QT9 ERP.

  • Streamline inventory management by synchronizing available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities and inventory costs.

  • Put inventory control on autopilot by auto-allocating inventory and automating inventory level notifications to prevent shortages.

  • Scale inventory levels to match demand using real-time results for better planning and production scheduling.

  • Easily see purchasing and manufacturing requirements at the click of a button.

  • Enable multi-location inventory tracking to track inventory across locations anywhere.

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MRP Software
MRP Software


Modernize planning

Seamlessly manage all aspects of planning from one central place and accelerate productivity with the integration of new technology.

  • Auto-create purchase orders with the click of a button in the MRP planning module.

  • View production requirements, sales order requirements, inventory levels, current purchasing levels and even lead times in one screen.

  • Plan by date, by job or even by total system demand.

  • Ability to export MRP planning to Excel for further analysis.

  • Ensure accurate planning with integration to active Bill of Materials.

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Streamline purchasing

QT9 offers a holistic MRP solution specifically created for manufacturing that lets you know exactly what to buy & when to buy it. Purchase only what you need.

  • Optimize supply chain management by synchronizing purchase orders, receipts, invoices and returns.

  • Minimize manual data entry by automatically populating purchase orders with supplier part numbers, descriptions and even tiered pricing.

  • Reduce costs by planning purchases based on vendor discounts, shipping, surcharges & taxes.

  • Plan purchases in real-time with dynamic dashboard grids that show your purchasing activity from unprocessed POs to open PO items.

  • Simplify the receiving queue by splitting your POs in case of a back order, receive short or extra material and attach files to purchase order items (including C of A's).

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MRP Software


Manage all your MRP needs from one solution

Everything you need from MRP software.