Unify Operations

Choose the platform that is right for you

QT9 ERP's flexible deployment options allow you to adopt for future growth.

Desktop Cloud

Windows Client - Cloud-Based Data

The QT9 desktop cloud is installed on your own Windows PCs with an internet connection to your data.

Single Site

Web Purchase

On-Premise Web ERP

The QT9 ERP web purchase is installed locally on your own web server.


Web Subscription

Cloud-Based Web ERP

The QT9 ERP web subscription is hosted on QT9's servers & accessed via the internet and a web browser.


Change Directions on-the-fly

Be more flexible

Connect and operate with systems across your organization's departments, offices, and branches around the world for greater elasticity.

  • QT9 ERP utilizes multi-site, multi-company architecture.

  • Quickly adapt to new technologies and trends with QT9's universal platform.

  • Easily extend capabilities across your organization with connected modules.

  • Automate workflow and eliminate manual processes and workarounds.

  • Rapidly respond to changes in business and governmental regulations.

  • Manage global initiatives from anywhere to be more productive & consistent across operations.

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ERP Architecture
Scalable ERP

Expand for growth

Get unlimited scalability

Easily adjust QT9 ERP beyond your existing workload while keeping everything contained in one place. With QT9 ERP you can be faster, sleeker and much more efficient.

  • All modules included. Unlock capabilities as needed.

  • Dynamically populate modules with data inherited from one process to the next.

  • Simplify collaboration across departments & locations with shared data.

  • QT9 ERP utilizes cloud computing for infinite scaling.

  • Global administrative tools make it easy to add user-defined fields and customizable reports.

Explore Modules

Stay Protected

Be more secure

Share your information with the right people, while knowing that your data is safe and reliable. QT9 ERP includes high-level protection.

  • Secure data transmission and storage using SSL encryption technology is included.

  • Automatic updates and multiple backups are performed daily.

  • Access is restricted and segregated by user and profile to create a safe space for sensitive work.

  • Complete disaster recovery and business continuity prevent disruptions.

  • Data security and privacy are included as all data is encrypted at rest.

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ERP Security

System Requirements

Tech Specs

Minimum Client PC Requirements

The client application is built on the Microsoft .NET framework.

  • Operating System: Windows Only (Windows 10 or greater)
  • Hardware: Pentium 4 Processor (1ghz or greater), 2 GB RAM, 500 MB Hard Drive Space Available

Minimum Server Requirements

Web servers built on Microsoft IIS technology.

  • Operating System: Windows Only (Server 2012 or greater)
  • Database Software: SQL Server (SQL Server 2017 or greater - SQL Express will work)
  • Hardware: Pentium 4 Processor (1.2ghz or greater), 8 GB RAM, 100GB Hard Drive Space Available