Label inventory | Scan movement | Track status

QT9 ERP makes it easy to manage your shop floor.

Centralize Shop Floor Processes

Connect the shop floor to the rest of your business

Enable purchasing, manufacturing, shipping and planning to all work as one.

Boost Productivity

Become as paperless as possible on the shop floor enabling employees to access job data in real-time including file attachments.

Complete Traceability

Know who did what and when with a complete audit trail and transactional inventory.

Utilize Barcodes

Integrate barcoding to track labor, accurately scan in material inventory, perform inventory moves and even go paperless.

Manage the Shop Floor

Simplify shop floor processes

  • Save time by enabling employees to quickly edit job data on the shop floor.

  • Easily track scrap for materials and manufactured items.

  • Track work orders across the shop floor from a kiosk or tablet.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets that require manual data entry and constant updates.

  • Enable employees to track machine counts in the shop floor manager to eliminate paper & pen.

  • Enable reconciling the allocated inventory to your jobs.

  • Ensure the correct parts and the correct inventory are used to promote job and inventory accuracy.

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Operate More Efficiently

Modernize shop floor processes

  • Enable employees to easily time in and time out on job routings to track labor, assign material inventory to jobs, complete routings, enter machine counts and track scrap.

  • Self-service platform enables employees to manage manufacturing, view job orders or update records.

  • Easily assign/move material inventory to routings and work areas via barcodes.

  • Go paperless utilizing barcoding, file attachments and even tablets.

  • Enforce inventory rules for material replacement or reconciliation.

  • Electronic signature compliant for QC signoffs per routing.

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Get a 360 Degree View of the Shop Floor

Streamline the shop floor

  • Print labels on demand for any running jobs on the shop floor.

  • View important file attachments such as drawings, work instructions, etc tied to the Bill of Material of the job.

  • Streamline job data by completing job routings in real-time.

  • Track labor by timing in and timing out per routing using barcoding.

  • Compare projected job times to actual job times using real-time data entry on the shop floor to identify efficiencies and inefficiencies.

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All-In-One Shop Floor Solution

Manage all your shop floor activities from one solution

Everything you need to get shop floor work done.