Manufacturing ERP Software

Central Command for manufacturing

QT9™ ERP helps busy manufacturers meet customer demands and quickly adapt to market changes.

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Manufacturing Software

Centralize Manufacturing Processes

Connect manufacturing to the rest of your business

Enable purchasing, manufacturing, shipping and planning to all work as one.

Optimize Scheduling

Schedule by using real-time production data, Gantt charts and forecasting.

Contract Services

Integrate to purchasing for any third-party services needed for manufacturing.

Complete Traceability

Know who did what and when with a complete audit trail and transactional inventory.

Total Shop Floor Management

Utilize barcoding, track labor and even go paperless.

Manage Manufacturing More Closely

Simplify manufacturing

  • Eliminate spreadsheets that require manual data entry and constant updates.

  • Manage all your manufacturing operations in a single platform

  • Easily assign machines and set schedules.

  • Automatically allocate material inventory.

  • Quickly identify bottlenecks with multiple visual tools.

  • Gain complete visibility of the entire manufacturing demand.

  • Interact with material resource planning to ensure on-time job completion.

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Manufacturing Software
Manufacturing Software Modernized

Operate More Efficiently

Modernize manufacturing

  • Automate manufacturing processes by automatically linking orders to jobs, shipping and invoicing.

  • Utilize our shop floor manager to go paperless utilizing barcoding, file attachments and even tablets.

  • Link all jobs to the correct bill of material revision to ensure accuracy.

  • Forecast manufacturing needs based on sales, inventory and future potential.

  • Automatically create jobs from processed sales orders.

  • Create quality records in QT9 QMS for nonconforming products or corrective actions based on manufacturing information.

  • Ensure traceability by auto-generating serial numbers and lot numbers.

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Get a 360 Degree View of Manufacturing

Monitor manufacturing

  • Dashboard reports provide real-time insights with drill-down capabilities that allow you to view manufacturing processes the way you want.

  • Excel capabilities are included in every reporting interface.

  • Compare jobs to easily find inaccuracies or inefficiencies.

  • Visualize trends in our manufacturing reporting with grouping, filtering and comparative data in our robust dashboard grids.

  • Confront inefficiencies to eliminate repetitive tasks and manual entry from processing manufacturing.

  • Calculate percent yield on job materials at the click of a button.

  • Monitor manufacturing end-to-end by sales order, customer name, item name, part number, status, expected quantity, finished quantity, required date and lot number.

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All-In-One Manufacturing Solution

Manage all your manufacturing from one solution

Everything you need to get manufacturing done.