Connect inventory levels to different parts of your business

Streamline your operations with powerful inventory tracking that integrates data across multiple locations.

Transactional Inventory

Track each inventory transaction back to the business function that created it for a complete audit trail.

Physical Inventory

Track unlimited physical counts and compare the counts to your existing perpetual inventory.

Work in Process

Track work in process, manufactured items and purchased items with email alerts and work-in-process dashboard.

Auto-Inventory Allocation

Automatically allocate lot specific inventory to open jobs based on LIFO or FIFO.


Simplify inventory control

QT9's inventory software takes the complexity out of ordering the right amount of inventory with built-in notifications that reduce surprises.

  • Capture real-time inventory levels in our intuitive inventory dashboards, so you know how much inventory you have on hand.

  • Streamline inventory management by synchronizing available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities and inventory costs.

  • Set up automatic reorder points based on sales volume and supplier lead times. Set your jobs to auto-allocate inventory. Synchronize stock with sales orders.

  • Enable multi-location inventory tracking to track inventory across locations anywhere.

  • Track by lot number or serial number including accurate unit cost per lot whether it is purchased item inventory from purchasing or manufactured item inventory from our jobs module.

  • Disposition quarantined inventory by making simple adjustments.

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Inventory Control Simplified
Inventory Control Modernized


Modernize inventory processes

Transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations by integrating sales forecasts with purchasing, production, inventory, shipping and warehouse management for greater efficiency.

  • Reveal predictive insights by compiling all your data into a single solution. Forecast to improve production schedules & meet customer demands.

  • Receive automated alerts for minimum stock levels and soon to expire inventory.

  • Barcode inventory to utilize scanning in the Shop Floor Manager.

  • Use physical inventory app to track cycle counts and full physical inventories with barcoding.

  • Integrate inventory levels into MRP planning calculations.

  • Put inventory control on autopilot by auto-allocating inventory and automating inventory level notifications to prevent shortages.

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Maximize resources

Plan smarter by automatically calculating stock levels and lead times. Stop wasting time searching for lost inventory and warehouse space.

  • Prevent shortages so you don't run out of stock.

  • Scale inventory levels to best optimize your warehouse space and consumption rate.

  • Maintain less stock by gaining control of your data and setting reorder points to optimize supply chain management.

  • Reduce costs by only producing what you need, when you need it. Plan material purchases based on demand - keeping your inventory just-in-time.

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Inventory Control Warehouse
Inventory Control Streamlined


Streamline workflow

Monitor inventory from anywhere, so you can spend more time making a positive difference for your organization in other meaningful ways.

  • Increase inventory accuracy and improve production planning by automatically calculating stock levels and lead times

  • Experience total traceability by tracking every move from purchase to manufacturing to the warehouse to the sales order by lot number or serial number.

  • Capture inventory transactions to ensure every inventory transaction can be traced back to the business function that created it. See what materials went into any job, when you bought them, and who you bought them from.

  • Manage expiration dates to help ensure the quality of your inventory.

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