Sales ERP Software

Automate sales processes

QT9™ ERP makes it easy to manage your customer pricing and requirements throughout the sales process.

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Sales Management Software

Centralize sales processes

Connect sales with the rest of your business

Sign in online anytime, anywhere to gain insight into sales performance, sales orders and sales trends.

Manage Customer Requirements

Track custom data, make custom labels/print outs and use them throughout the sales process.

Eliminate Errors

Link sales processes to different business functions to eliminate duplicate entry and missed production.

Build Loyalty

Build trusted relationships and earn repeat business by quickly adapting to changes.

Easily Manage Pricing

Build pricing groups, globally update and import pricing rules throughout the sales process.

Supercharge Sales Capabilities

Simplify sales tracking

  • Automate sales processes by automatically linking orders to jobs, shipping and invoicing.

  • Quickly track sales orders with history details, packing lists, bill of ladings and any attached files.

  • Synchronize sales numbers across multiple locations, departments and functions.

  • Leave no sale behind by accessing real-time information and customer order history.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets that require manual data entry and constant updates.

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Sales Management Software
Sales Management Software

Bring People Together

Integrate sales

  • Ensure accuracy in your production planning with integrated sales numbers.

  • Easily communicate quantity or date changes to production.

  • Provide resource planning with up to date sales information.

  • Automate drop-shipments from sales to purchasing.

  • Create quality records in QT9 QMS for customer complaints or corrective actions based on sales order information.

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Get a 360 Degree View of Sales

Analyze sales

  • Manipulate data in our robust dashboard grids with grouping, sorting, filtering and summarizing.

  • Excel capabilities are included in every reporting interface.

  • Visualize trends in our sales reporting with graphs, charts and customizable reports.

  • Track sales performance by customer, product, category, sales representative, year, quarter, month, etc.

  • Identify errors quickly and in real-time with interactive color-coded dashboard grids.

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Sales Management Software

All-In-One Sales Solution

Manage all your sales activities from one solution

Everything you need to get sales work done.