Return Goods Authorization Software

Streamline returns

QT9™ ERP makes it easy to process and manage customer returns with interconnected data.

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Centralize return processes

Connect returns with the rest of your business

Sign in online anytime, anywhere to gain insight into return statuses, credits and return trends.

Process Inventory

Automatically process returned inventory to the proper status and disposition.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction by making it easier and faster to handle returns.

Credit Visibility

Automatically create and track customer credit memos to be applied immediately to accounts receivable.

Hassle-Free Returns

Simplify returns

  • Oversee the whole return process from start to finish.

  • Quickly generate a return record that links to credit memos, customer refunds or replacements.

  • Return inventory that has been previously shipped, and QT9 ERP will create a transaction to track that with a full audit trail of that inventory.

  • Ensure quality requirements are met by linking any quality issues to quality management software - including corrective actions or nonconforming products.

  • Maintain inventory accuracy when returned items are received by assigning inventory status, lot assignment and product location.

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Operate More Efficiently

Accelerate returns

  • Reduce turnaround times on returns.

  • Manage returns consistently across multiple locations using one universal return platform.

  • Save time on returns by automating return and replacement records based on previously shipped orders.

  • Track and resolve returns. Send replacement goods. Approve or deny claims.

  • Perform returns more efficiently and with greater transparency.

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Get a 360 Degree View of Your Returns

Monitor returns

  • Dashboard reports provide real-time insights with drill-down capabilities that allow you to view returns the way you want.

  • Identify customers who generate high numbers of returns.

  • Use our web portals to give your customers complete visibility of returns.

  • Verify every return or exchange is accounted for correctly.

  • Monitor returns end-to-end by RGA number, sales order, customer name, item name, part number, status, expected quantity, quantity received, scheduled date, actual receive date and lot number.

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All-In-One Returns Solution

Manage all your return activities from one solution

Everything you need to get returns done.