Software Features

QT9 ERP Features

  • User Friendly Design – QT9™ ERP is based on a tab system. Meaning each major dashboard form is opened as a tab within the main software window, giving you the ability to quickly navigate back and forth between forms without cluttering your windows taskbar. You also have the ability to open multiple instances of the same forms with different records for comparison. All modules load to the same style of dashboard grid with the same basic design to each form, to ensure that each module functions the same keeping your learning curve low.
  • Customizable Grids – Customizable grids that give you the ability to sort, group, get averages & sums, and export to excel
  • Email Alerting – Configure email alerts for minimum stock levels of both your raw materials and your finished goods
  • Custom Report/Print Out Generation - QT9 ERP comes with a free custom report writer that not only lets you create custom reports off of your QT9 ERP data, but also build your own print outs for the various sections of QT9 ERP such as the Job Traveler, Shipping Labels, Invoices, Purchase Orders, etc.
  • Outlook Integration - Create Outlook email messages with automatic PDF attachments from multiple modules within QT9™ ERP such as invoicing, shipping, purchasing, etc.
  • File Attachments Everywhere - Attach ANY type of file to virtually any record in QT9™ ERP. This allows you to stay organized and have ALL of the necessary data in one place accessible at the click of a button.
  • QT9™ Quality Management Software Integration - Link to QT9 QMS through various modules to create Nonconforming Products, Corrective Actions, & Customer Feedback records creating one unified platform between ERP and QMS.
  • MRP Planning – See how much you need in raw materials based on jobs and/or processed sales orders. This helps you plan your purchasing practices for necessary raw materials and even auto-creates purchase orders
  • Integration with QuickBooks Accounting - Keep your current accounting software as is and let QT9™ ERP manage the day to day business. QT9™ ERP can integrate both the sales invoices and supplier invoices (payables) directly into QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Manufactured Item Inventory Drill Down - Drill down to see your product’s current inventory, your BOM and their inventory levels, 3-6-9 month shipping averages, open orders, if it is used in another manufactured item, and shipping history all in one printable form.
  • Purchased Item Inventory Drill Down – Drill down to see your raw material’s current inventory, what finished goods it is used in, how much is on order, what is needed to fulfill jobs, what its 3-6-9 month usage was, open purchase orders, and any open job transactions all in one printable form.
  • Supplier On Time Delivery Dashboard - See how well your suppliers are performing in our "one click" supplier on time delivery dashboard equipped with data and a pie chart
  • Minimum Stock Dashboard - It is one thing to get email alerted as items need to be purchased or manufactured, it is another to see it in a sortable, filterable grid that exports to Excel