Customer Management Software

Central command for customer management

QT9™ ERP provides tools to store, track and manage customers in one simple ERP platform.

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Customer Management Software

Centrally Manage Customer Processes

Connect customer data with the rest of your business

Integrate customer contacts, products, purchase history & performance in one place.

Manage Customer Requirements

Track custom data, make custom labels/print outs and use them throughout the sales process.

Evaluate Creditability

Build customer credit limits and rules that alert your users throughout the sales process.

Customer Web Portal

Make it easy for customers to get visibility of accounts receivable, order statuses and even credits.

Maintain Happy Customers

Simplify customer management

  • Easily create, track and maintain customer purchased items and pricing in one shareable location.

  • Customize item data requirements utilizing custom fields, custom printouts and pricing schedules.

  • Activity snapshot of communication, invoices, quotes and other records.

  • Track customer-specific inventory, product descriptions, part numbers and notes.

  • Access customer details including sales terms, credit limits, contacts, ship to locations, item assignments and more.

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Customer Management Software
Customer Management Software

Connect Customers with Technology

Modernize customer management

  • Digitally transform Word and Excel documents to form fields and real-time data.

  • Streamline communication with your customers using our customer web portal.

  • Quickly access customer invoices and price quotes.

  • Improve data accuracy by allowing customers to login and process orders via the customer web portal.

  • Automate sales processing by setting up customers with EDI.

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Get a 360 Degree View of Your Customers

Monitor customers

  • Turn data-driven insights into opportunities with real-time interactive customer dashboards.

  • Access real-time customer insights with the ability to drill down and filter data the way you want.

  • See every customer interaction with your business – regardless of location or department.

  • Monitor on-time shipping using the On-Time Shipping Dashboard Chart.

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Customer Management Software

All-In-One Customer Management Solution

Manage all your customer activities from one solution

Everything you need to get customer work done.